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Welcome To The Ella Lane Family!

We are an online boutique based in the heart of Oregon’s Rogue Valley. Our mission is to bring women like you chic, classy, comfortable, and versatile clothing that fits your body and your life.

We prioritize high-quality, easy-to-wash materials and thoughtful design that flatters. Our signature line, Michelle Mae, is designed and manufactured by us - and we’re proud to offer sizes XS - 4XL so that every woman can feel confident, stylish, and comfortable. 

Meet Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley Lacer.

I’m a mom of 3, military/law enforcement officer wife, real estate agent, investor, entrepreneur, and the proud owner of Ella Lane. I started Ella Lane seven years ago after moving to Medford.

I had just had my second child—and, like so many women, pregnancy had shaped not just my life, but also my body. I found myself struggling with body image, and in connecting with other moms, I realized I wasn’t alone. 

I recognized the need for cute, comfortable clothes that can make us feel great without breaking the bank. Ella Lane was born from this belief—and it’s been at the heart of my brand ever since.

I’m proud to be sharing Ella Lane with women like you—because we deserve to feel confident and beautiful in our own skin as we manage everything life throws our way.

Our Story

Seven years ago, as a new mom struggling with self-confidence and facing the challenges of moving to a new town, I found solace and strength in starting Ella Lane Boutique. What began as a way to connect with other women and help them feel confident soon blossomed into a supportive community where everyone is celebrated for who they are.

Our Insiders' Group became a place where friendships blossomed, and our customers even traveled to meet each other, forming bonds that went beyond shopping. This sense of community has always been at the heart of Ella Lane.

Despite the success we've had with Ella Lane, life has certainly thrown us some curves over these last seven years. During COVID-19, I took a sabbatical to focus on my growing family, and Ella Lane had to take a backseat while Michelle Mae, our sister brand, took off. The Alameda Fire near our hometown in Southern Oregon was another major setback. We had just opened a new brick-and-mortar store three days before the fire hit, and our community was severely impacted. Over 3,000 homes were lost in one day. In response, our store became a donation center for fire victims, and soon after we used our 4,000-square-foot warehouse to help those displaced by the tragedy.

The emotional toll was immense, and I had to step back from the business to process the trauma. Since 2021, our community has struggled, and I lost my drive to sell clothing because the fire really gave me an entirely new perspective on life. But now, it's time for Ella Lane to rise from the ashes, rebuild, and return to the roots that made us special—a place of acceptance for everyone.

Our Mission

We started Michelle Mae because we were unhappy with the quality and sizing available in the fashion industry. We wanted to offer every style in sizes up to 4XL because size should never be a limitation. We believe in Ella Lane and our sister brand Michelle Mae because we believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their clothes.

Whether you've been a long time customer or this is your first visit, thank you for being here.

Together, we'll continue to build a supportive community where everyone is welcome. Let's celebrate our unique beauty and strive to make the fashion industry a more inclusive and accepting place. I look forward to sharing the future of Ella Lane with you all!

Our Promise

At Ella Lane, we're dedicated to more than just fashion. We commit to:

  • Empowering Women: Every piece we design is meant to boost confidence and celebrate the diversity of women's bodies.
  • Extra Fast Shipping: We offer super fast shipping and free on orders over $75.
  • Engaging with Our Online Community: Ella Lane Insiders is not just a group—it's a dynamic community of women who share your passions and ambitions.
  • Excellent Customer Service: At Ella Lane, we do more than just sell clothes; we create a community. We stand behind what we sell because we design and curate most of our products.