ALL NATURAL Aromatherapy Shower Steamers with essential oils!! These shower steamers are made with steam distilled essential oils for true aromatherapy benefits.

These shower steamers are super concentrated and will last twice as long as other shower steamers! They can easily be used for 3-5 showers. 

To use, place one steamer in front of you in the shower, with you between it and the shower stream. Allow the steam in your shower to release the oils into the air and inhale all the beneficial properties of the essential oils. For best results, do no place steamer directly in the water stream but drip a small amount of water over the steamer to activate. Alternatively, place steamer on a soap dish or other structure closer to your head and allow water to occasionally hit it. 

DO NOT USE AS A BATH BOMB: because of the high concentration of menthol and essential oils, these shower steamers are not appropriate for skin contact!!!