Saltwash Soap Co - Twilight Bubble Bar

Saltwash Soap Co - Twilight Bubble Bar

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Observe the celestial light show that is unmatched by any other - in your tub!

Relive a fleeting memory of watching the sunset, surrounded by the tide's bubbling change, with your toes sunken into the sand and a shawl around your shoulders to break the breeze's chill. As the sun sings his farewell to the sky, and the moon takes her throne for the night, gaze upon the watercolor sky and briefly, the stars peer through a veil of pink, purple, orange, and everything in between before their shimmering, night-time chorus begins.

Add an afterglow of sweetness to bring that long day to a relaxing end. Twilight is one of our most popular fragrances, featuring notes of bright citrus fruit, jasmine, cucumber, blackberry, and pineapple.

Enjoy your mini vacation every time you have a soak with this gentle bubble bath. Each bar will make about 2 baths complete with a blanket of bubbles for you to sink into!

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, castor oil, premium fragrance/essential oils, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate, SLSA (naturally derived from coconut and palm), corn starch, tapioca starch, mica/natural clays

To use: Break off about half of the bar and crumble under warm, running water as the tub fills up. Give the water a good swish, and continue to agitate until you get your desired amount of bubbles! Sink in beneath your fluffy mountain of gentle bubbles, and enjoy!

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