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We started Ella Lane to build women up and create a community in which women could be themselves, even in the hardest of times.

We are offering this book for free if you can't afford it, you can buy as many as you need/want to gift, or you can sponsor as many as you'd like for others who can't otherwise afford the book. If you sponsor a book, your name will be put inside before being sent to another woman who needs it.

"Right now is a hard time. And whether it's a hard time for you, or for someone you know, these words are here to offer support. To help you through today. To bring you to tomorrow. These words are to live with, to hold to, and to take to heart. To read until you believe them. 

There are times in our life that offer more challenges than others and weigh on us more heavily. Read This Till You Believe It offers statements of support and empathy that speak to all kinds of difficulties; from setbacks, breakups, and sickness, to loss, depression, and bereavement. This book is ideal for showing sympathy and support, or when the right words are hard to find."