Narwhal Clutch

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There are so many wonderful things about Narwhals, such as their horn that is actually a tooth—that can grow up to 10 feet LONG or that their skin contains as much vitamin C as oranges, ounce for ounce. Another fascinating tidbit is that Narwhals cannot thrive in captivity. There have been several attempts in history to contain a Narwhal but every single attempt has resulted in the Narwhal failing to thrive within just months. Some creatures simply aren’t meant to be contained. Just like you. 

Hey free spirit, show your love for these majestic and wild unicorns of the sea with this gorgeous waxed canvas wristlet. 

This wristlet fits all you need and more! 


▶ Comes with a leather wrist strap that detaches with a gold lobster clasp 

▶ All bags are lined with a printed cotton. The prints and colors will always coordinate with the outer print but will vary based on what we have in stock.

▶ Pockets are open slip pockets on the inside lining measuring approximately 4" x 6"

▶ This bag measures approx 8.5" across with a 7" zipper opening. It is about 5.5" tall with boxed corners to add some width.

▶ Because each bag is handmade just for you, it may differ slightly from the photo. Colors in the photos may show differently on your screen. 

▶ They wax their own canvas with a beeswax blend that they created.

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