Leather Sliced Cuff - Shimmer White

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A Flourish Leather original! This lovely pebbled white has a subtle metallic sheen.

This bracelet is 100% genuine leather, handmade, and hand-cut. Easy and simple for those who like no-nonsense but want a beautifully handcrafted statement piece. These bracelets will come with a brushed silver snap.

Prior to purchasing please make sure of your wrist size. To get the most accurate measurement please use a soft-sided measuring tape. Since leather does stretch a bit it's always best to size it to fit your wrist exactly.

Our measurements for bracelets:
Small Size Fits: 5.5" - 6" wrists (Best for very petite wrists, please measure before ordering!)
Regular Fits: 6.25" - 7" wrists

Please select your size from the drop down box.