Leather Sliced Cuff - Confetti

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At first this gorgeous metallic bracelet looks like a regular light pink metallic, but once it hits the sunlight the colors of the rainbow are unlocked. This gorgeous print is variant in color depending on your light as you can see by the photos but, no matter what, looks absolutely stunning in ANY light. 

This bracelet is 100% genuine leather, handmade, and hand-cut. Easy and simple for those who like no-nonsense but want a beautifully handcrafted statement piece. These bracelets will come with a brushed silver snap.

Prior to purchasing please make sure of your wrist size. To get the most accurate measurement please use a soft-sided measuring tape. Since leather does stretch a bit it's always best to size it to fit your wrist exactly.

Our measurements for bracelets:

Small Size Fits: 5.5" - 6" wrists (Best for very petite wrists, please measure before ordering!)
Regular Fits: 6.25" - 7" wrists

Please select your size from the drop down box. A Flourish Leather original!