About Us

Ella Lane launched in early 2017. I have always loved clothes and fashion, especially boutique clothing (thanks Mom)! However, finding styles and prints I liked was both time consuming and expensive. My goal is to provide fashion forward, comfortable, yet affordable clothing options - all made in the USA (with the exception of our DoubleHoods and SingleHoods by Amersand Ave.). My husband served for nearly 10 years in the military, and supporting USA based businesses is important to us.  

So what's in a name? Ella is from the first two letters of my middle name, and the first two letters of my last name. I've always paved my own path, and hence Ella Lane was born! We've been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Sawyer and Hailey. I truly thank you for supporting this business, and sharing in the joy and love of boutique clothing! 

Lots of Love,


Photo by Mandy Kay Photography